Claire Perry

Claire Perry is a native Mainer who grew up in Rockland. Claire spent the best years of her life fishing from a little row-boat in Tenants Harbor, where she could catch Flounders just off the cove.

Though Claire Perry has had no prior art experience, she loves it nevertheless. She enjoys fishing, painting and creating things from objects that she finds. Claire is a big advocate for the voiceless among us (the animals) and currently lives with Harland, her rescued cat, and Lydia, her chocolate Lab. Claire enjoys spending the summer in Owl's Head, while surviving the winter in Liberty. She's recently acquired a working Art Studio in Rockland where she devotes all of her time to making Fish and doing Artwork. She shares this studio with two other women artists at the Lincoln Street Center for the Arts (Studio 21).

Claire's fish are made from driftwood that she's collected along shorelines and byways here in Maine. The wood is not 'altered' or carved at all.

"I simply find the 'FISH' within each piece, or, it finds me is more like it. I sit and wait for the magic to begin." -Claire Perry