Dave Farrington

Dave Farrington resides in southern Connecticut with his wife. In the 1960’s and 70’s Dave became an avid fisherman and hunter. Now he no longer hunts but is still an avid fisherman. In the 70’s he became interested in taxidermy, which ultimately led him to carving in 1978. Today he gives carving classes at the Audubon Teaching Center and in his home.

In 1979, Dave entered his first show in Long Island, N.Y. and won his first ribbon, 2nd place with a Bufflehead hen. That same year, he entered the Ward World Competition and received his first blue ribbon with a Golden Eye drake. In the years following, Dave has competed in shows and competitions from California to New England.

Recently, Dave has started to carve smoothie stick shorebirds and fish. 2001 brought his first blue ribbon at the Ward World Competition in the fish category with a beautiful Striped Bass.

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