George Wazenegger

I create mixed media wood collages. They are of fictitious places which are destined to be replaced by an ever changing society. The wood collage may be of a small country town, a roadside diner, or a stately lighthouse. I do it out of nostalgia and love for the architecture, charm and character of places that are slowly disappearing. I have been inspired by the many structures throughout the country and I have stored these images within. 

They are constructed using a combination of recycled wood, paper, acrylic color and pencil. I cut the wood into random shapes and sizes which I alter during construction by adding to or cutting again. I do not measure the shapes because I do not want them to be to scale, only suggest scale and certain architectural elements. I prefer to use recycled wood since it will absorb color, has a better texture and is more stable than new wood. I use recycled paper images for additional detail which helps identify the piece. I use acrylic color and at the time of application often alter the paper color. I apply pencil to loosen or define a shape before I coat the piece with a clear acrylic. 

 Pieces may be personalized. Please contact Ducktrap Bay Trading Co. for mor information.