Gordon Harde

Gordon Harde is a Maine resident who has carved various wildlife subjects for over 25 years. Although Gordon’s first carvings were of wildlife carved in relief, he soon shifted his focus to waterfowl carved in the round. As his love for the outdoors and his knowledge of waterfowl grew, birds that were once carved and painted with the simplest techniques are now carved without the slightest detail being overlooked. The result is a carving, so complete in detail, that it is difficult to distinguish it from the live model.
Gordon has taken numerous first place finishes in the professional division of local and national competitions.
As a way of perpetuating the art of waterfowl carving, Gordon has taught others, including his son Mike (1995 Shootin’ Rig Champion), some of the skills necessary to bring wood to life. Gordon hopes that while people enjoy the beauty and fragility of his sculptures, they also consider the beauty and fragility of the environment and the inhabitants that have inspired him.

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