Hans Finsterwalder

Born and raised in Bad Toelz, in the Bavarian Alps of Germany, I apprenticed as a wood turner for 3 years, and then took my examination, both theoretically and practically in order to become a journeyman turner.I worked as a journeyman wood turner for about 3 years, and then in order to earn more money, cross trained to become a stone and brick mason. After immigrating to the United States and working on the East Coast as a self-employed stone and brick contractor, I retired in 1989, and moved to Lake Havasu City, Arizona. After my retirement, I furnished a workshop for myself, and bought, among other things, a wood lathe, and I have been turning in earnest ever since. I joined the American Association of Wood turners in 1987, and attended woodturning symposiums at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where I had the opportunity to observe and learn from some of the worlds’ foremost wood turners. I have also recently had the honor of being selected as a demonstrator by the American Association of Wood Turners for one of their annual symposiums in Tacoma, WA.I also demonstrated for the MN Wood turners Association. Some of my favorite turnings are segmented bowls, based on Native American pottery designs, some of which I inlay with turquoise, and various types of exotic woods. Among my specialties are lace top boxes, rocking bowls and moving ring bowls, along with Christmas ornaments. I have also discovered the joys of turning burls, and turning green wood. Hans- Joachim Weissflog, a fellow German, and one of the top demonstrators in the world inspired most off my off center turnings. It gives me a great deal of pleasure to share my experience with fellow wood turners, especially my extensive knowledge of working with the skew and gouge. I am a member of the Havasu Art guild, and have won numerous blue ribbons, one “Best of Show” ribbon, and several Peoples Choice awards.