Jim Alexander

Jim became a full time bird carver in 2002, concentrating mainly on decorative style decoys, and has won many awards, including First in Category, First in Class, First in Division, and Best in Show, in numerous competitions throughout the Northeast and in his native New England.

Jim blends the warmth of wood and his love of wildlife into a one of a kind creation. His work centers around waterfowl, shorebirds, wildfowl, raptors and a variety of birds found throughout New England.

Prior to creating his carvings Jim does detailed research. He spends days, sometimes weeks, studying reference material on a particular species to ensure his information is as complete and accurate as possible. He often visits wildlife sanctuaries and other waterfowl habitats whenever possible to photograph his subjects.

Typical visual references you will find in Jim's studio are taxidermies of various species. Jim believes live birds are perhaps his best resource, but taxidermy remains an excellent reference for color, structure and feather pattern. He carefully studies the feather structure, coloring and markings and then carves and paints every detail as precisely as possible.

Previously an avid duck hunter, the inspiration to do a particular piece usually comes from countless hours of observing the subject in the wild. Great attention is paid to accuracy, as well as artistic presentation. Each piece is a unique work of art. Jim has studied with some of the world's best master bird carvers and continues to refine his own technique and style.

Having a life-like quality, Jim’s carvings are prized additions to many collectors. His sense of awareness of nature is evident in his carvings and artwork. Jim has continued to grow in his art and loves to share his skills and interests with others. He often shares his love of wildlife with family and friends in his studio.