Lance Lichtensteiger

Lance Lichtensteiger has been designing and carving wildlife for 25 years. His daughter Wendy joined him in 2000.

Before a 1920’s blight decimated the growth of American Wormy Chestnut, this hard wood was used in the construction of many log cabins and bridges. It is from these failing structures that Lance and Wendy find most of their material. The wavy, feathery grain pattern of the wood adds natural character and realism to their birds. After the logs are rough cut on a band saw they are chiseled into shape, and sanded smooth. The pieces are then attached and mounted on a base. Logs are formed, the birds are stained, and a clear sealer applied, bringing the sculptures to life.

Lance was born and has spent the better part of his life in New Jersey. After graduating from Rutgers university with a degree in agricultural business, he rose to lieutenant in the U. S. Navy and served as a flight instructor in Pensacola. After retiring from the Navy he owned and operated a construction company in Northern New Jersey which led to an interest in woodworking. He began carving decoys as a hobby, but as interest in them grew, his hobby quickly turned into a full time job.

For Wendy, after opening a wildlife gallery on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, she found her interests were in creating rather than selling. Joining her father in 2000, together they expand and experiment with a shared love of nature and woodworking. Their work is currently displayed in over 30 galleries and specialty shops throughout the United States.

$575.00 each
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