Marianna Duford

A bit of a gypsy and lifelong artist, Marianna, brings her love of the outdoors to her art and everything that she does.  She doesn't limit her artwork to just one medium and likes to let the inspiration decide whether it would be better in watercolor, oils or acrylics.  Her love of plein air painting and travel have been the perfect marriage. 

Art and travel forays have taken her from Italy to Africa, the Mayan Coast to Portugal, Florida to California, Maine
and  the Bahamas  and  in  between,  the South  Island  of New Zealand  to Tasmania  and back again.  Always, upon returning home to Colorado she wonders why she had to go so far to be inspired when she is surrounded by beauty every day of the year!

2003  brought  adventure  when  Marianna,  was  invited  to  join  a  5  week  photographic expedition into  the  Skeleton  Coast  of  Namibia,  Africa,  where  she  fell  in  love  with  the sights, sounds and wildlife of a living moonscape.  Her African photographs and art are exclusively available through the Ducktrapbay Trading Company.

Her newest passion, oil painting en plein air, has brought Marianna a whole new set of "problems" to explore the past few years.  The challenge of capturing fleeting light in an ever changing  atmosphere in all kinds of weather is, well, just plain fun!  Throw in the occasional moose, dog and human encounters, it is always a day well spent!  

“When I’m not busy doing something,  I’m busy doing something else.”  ... Marianna