Rachelle Bourque

My home overlooks a small Downeast estuary. To visit me one would have to walk one and one-half miles in the winter months. In the summer you can drive within one-third of a mile or you could choose to canoe the incoming tide.
From my window I watch bobcat, deer, moose, eagles, lynx, coyote, otter -- about every creature indigenous to Maine and the birding is fantastic.

I moved from a suburb of Boston around twenty years ago after completing art training and trying my hands at commercial illustration work. These job experiences were unrewarding, dull and boring.
My dream was to become a wildlife artist and to be able to sustain a living while working in our home. This has been realized by giving up most of the modern luxuries - electricity, running water, phone, even a drivable road to the house. Doing it this way bought me time by cutting costs, allowing me to practice my art.

If any of the painted shell pins or handpainted rock images is unavailable, it is possible another may be created for you.