Richard Ribant

Richard was born and raised in Michigan. He is a social worker for the state, investigating child abuse and child neglect. The responsibilities, demands and pressures of this career make it necessary for Richard to find a place to relax and escape. He found that in his art. “Art is my recreation, not my vocation. My goal in art then, is that my work must please me. The idea that others enjoy my work is an unexpected and pleasant reward.”
Richard has no formal art training. Whatever style or technique he uses is found by trial and error. “Since I don’t know what I’m doing, I can do anything I want. I love experimenting with color. My work is defined through this process of experimentation.”
Furniture making and antique refinishing were what Richard did before he started making his fish. He has been making fish for the last ten years. They are made of pine and the fins are metal. Each fish is individually carved and hand painted using acrylics. “I feel my work can best be described as being inspired by the simplicity of folk art, ranging from the realistic to the whimsical.