Stefane Bougie

Stefane Bougie is the second born in a family of three sons, all of whom are bird carvers. Stefane has always lived in Quebec. His talent developed at a very young age thanks to his devoted and very understanding parents who allowed him to have a small zoo in their home, with butterflies, frogs, feathers and bird nests. Ducks then joined the group in the family room situated in the basement.

Following his older brother's footsteps, Stefane started to sculpt in 1982 and in 1983 he was initiated to first competition in Montreal. Through the Galerie Prescott, he became acquainted with other artists, mostly painters such as Jean-Luc Grondin, Ghislain Caron and Pierre Leduc. His discovery of Pat Godin in 1986 led him to his growing and great interest for the competition of bird sculpture. In addition to Godin's influence, there were also many others such as Victor Paroyan, Bob Guge and most certainly Jett & Jude Brunet.

In 1982 he started to compete internationally with a miniature black duck. He won second prize. Since then has gone on to win major awards in World Championship events and Regional Carving Championships all over the United States and Canada. His work is collected by people all over the world.