Steve Bretell

In 1978, having graduated from college and in need of some decoys to use for hunting, Steve sat down to carve his very first piece - a career was born.
These first birds were of course quite crude (he still has them in his collection) but as the years passed and more birds were carved, they got progressively better and better. After a few more years, Steve made the decision to carve full-time. Blessed with a strong work ethic, a large aviary full of almost every North American waterfowl (aswell as Pheasants and Grouse), and time, Steve set out to perfect his art.

In the 1980's Steve hit the wildlife art show up and down the east coast, going as far south as Charleston, South Carolina. As his carving improved, he began to receive invitations to some of the top shows and competitions where he won many ribbons (including ribbons taken at the World Championships). Steve was then being sought after as a judge in the professional division. This, of course, was a conflict because he competed there. So after an unprecedented Best of Show for 3 consecutive years at the New England Championships, he retired from competition at the top of his game. This brought an end to the internal struggle Steve had with artwork competing against artwork; believing that the only one who should judge a piece of art is the person standing in front of it at any given moment.

During the 1990's Steve developed a highly unique and recognizable style that is still with him today. Words that come to mind when describing his style are 'big' and 'bold' but the feature everyone agrees on is the eyes of the carving. Steve feels that the life and the attitude of a carving come straight from the eyes.