Ted Hanks

Artist, author, carver and naval architect; Ted now devotes his time to the carving and painting of waterfowl and marine subjects. His studio is located in the quiet village of Jefferson, Maine.
Born in the small fishing village of Oxford, Ted grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where the lure of the abundant waterfowl and marsh life inspired him at an early age to carve and paint. This interest has continued throughout his life. Carving was his first medium and it still remains as his deepest interest. At age five, he started carving under the tutelage of Edward Parsons, his grandfather, who was one of the first to do decorative and miniature waterfowl carving. Ted worked his way through both prep school and college by carving and painting.
When asked where and how he paints, Ted responds, “I never paint on location. Sometimes I do sketches and take many photographs and promptly chuck them all before I start to paint! I like to go deep into the marshes on a foul day to absorb the atmosphere, especially around sunset and sunrise. It is the same with Marine painting. Go to sea in the worst weather and let the chill and man’s insignificance go deep inside you. Then, when I get back to the studio, I try to paint the effect these experiences have had on me. I want to paint atmosphere, not a scene.” His paintings certainly reflect this statement. Often he blends the atmosphere of marsh and sea. He confesses that the Canada goose is his favorite subject. Ted’s paintings can be found in private collections throughout the world.