Wayne Robbins

A native of Bath, Maine, Wayne Robbins has been teaching biology at Morse High School since 1969. His avocation, woodcarving, began in his youth when he spent many enjoyable hours whittling wood scraps into various creatures of nature. After completing three years in the Army and having served as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, he returned to Bath with his family. He soon resumed his hobby as a woodcarver during his spare time, developing his skills and establishing his own style.
His lifelong awe of the “gentle giants of the sea” naturally served to inspire his work. He studies whales and seals, as well as sea and shore birds, through books, whale watches and regular bird watching ventures. Wayne has been an active member of the Merrymeeting Audubon Society for over 30 years. Both he and his wife are volunteers for the Northeast Marine Mammal Stranding Network. Each spring they are called to rescue orphaned seal pups for possible rehabilitation at the New England Aquarium in Boston. Recently Wayne has been employed summers by the American Institute for Creative Education to teach a weeklong workshop for educators at the Maine Maritime Museum.
Wayne’s unique ability to represent his subject realistically has grown out of years of study and respect for the complexities of nature. He uses the grain of such woods as teak, mahogany, walnut, cherry and linden to enhance a sense of motion and grace in his carvings. Through hours of laborious sanding, he achieves an extraordinarily smooth and satiny finish.
Wayne displays his art primarily at Ducktrap Bay Trading Co. in Camden and at his home. Wayne and his wife Lynn are the parents of two children, Kelly and Tim and now have five grandchildren.