About Ducktrap Bay Trading Co.

Our History

Ducktrap Bay Trading Company has been in Camden, Maine since 1983, and at one time there was a second store in Vermont. Although a Camden resident for only 6 years, owner Kevin Murphy has collected marine and wildlife carvings from Ducktrap Bay Trading Company since it's very first year of operation. Growing up on the water near Cape May, NJ, plus his extensive travels around the US and beyond, Kevin is well-versed in the various art forms offered by Ducktrap Bay Trading Company.

Our Mission

Our focus is to maintain a premier gallery where wildlife and marine art is featured. Most of the 200 or so artists represented have some relationship with beloved Maine. There is a strong representation of world-class wildlife wood carvings, including artists whose work is in museums and private collections internationally.

Our Store

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to answer questions about birds, sailing ships, and the best place to eat. The shop stays open year ‘round and we ship world-wide. You can enter the gallery through the website camera, but call or e-mail us to make a purchase or get more information. Enjoy your visit, and come in person sometime to Ducktrap Bay Trading Company!